About us

The Kennedy’s International LTD is a jewelry store located at the ground floor of the Laico Regency Nairobi. We are a family owned business that has been in operation for two decades. Our mission is to provide clients with high quality jewelry at competitive prices. This is something that we are able to accomplish as we manufacture all our jewelry.

We are passionate about Jewelry. It gives us joy when a client leaves our store pleased. This is why at our store, we work with your budget. You give us the price that you would like to spend on an item and we will personally work with you to ensure that you can get a beautiful design that will make you and your wallet happy.

At The Kennedy’s we believe that the customer comes first, which is why we hold a large selection to choose from. If you do not find a ready-made piece of jewelry to your liking, our salesmen will work with you to create something that will satisfy you. 

Our specialty is in Tanzanite and Tsavorite, two precious and rare gemstones that are found only in East Africa. Tanzanite is an extremely rare precious gemstone found only in one area of Tanzania. Tsavorite is found in parts of Kenya and Tanzania and to find it in gem quality is rather difficult. Aside from these two gems we also carry Diamond, Blue Topaz and Coral Jewelry. Tanzanites, Tsavorites and Diamonds are available for purchase unset. A client can either choose to purchase the stone on its own or have it made into a design of their choice. His and her wedding bands and engagement rings are also available upon order.  All our items are made of either 18KT white gold or 18KT yellow gold.

We like to make it easy for you to make your purchase. As such we accept Dollars, Euros, Kenya Shillings and credit cards. We accept VISA, Master Card, Union Pay, American Express, and JCB.

We look forward to your visit!